She is a woman capable of so many things, her love, her spirit and her light.  I was this lost and broken young black girl, who constantly fought with finding a purpose and who I was meant to be. It was the way she spoke, the way she taught and the way she listened. She inspired me to become the best version of myself, for myself. Her mentoring became a huge part of my life, she allowed me to believe in myself, and believe that I can be whomever I chose to be. She taught me how to serve myself, while serving others.When I look back at my years in high school, or the challenges I go through today. I always think back to Ms. James, my favourite English teacher and my biggest role model. I always had the biggest smile on my face walking into her classroom. Not only was she just a teacher for me, she took the role of mentoring and being an active listener, she became an inspiration. Monique James has a vibrant spirit and generous soul, her ability to lead, teach and inspire all while being so many things for so many different groups of people. It’s refreshing and most importantly needed in today’s society. I have faith in humanity because of people like Monique James.– Venetta Solena Gordon 

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Monique, The things that I am learning from you are amazing. It is great to have someone on my journey who holds dear the quality of being honest. My desire for you is that you will soar to unimaginable heights as you continue to avail yourself to helping those who need to be reminded of their value.  

Tamesha Mitchell (Educator)

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