Our Founder

Monique James Lyle

Standing firm in your faith + hold true all aspirations & dreams (amidst the storm) + leading the way to your elevation = success.


My definition of Success .

Educational Credentials:

B.A., B.Ed., Honour Specialist, Life Coach

Monique James career in education spans 18 years.  Her list of accomplishments is long and her contributions to curriculum writing, designing effective teaching tools specializing in inclusion, diversity and literacy and dedication to creating safe learning environments are key factors that make her a highly-sought after leader.

She is a recognized expert on issues of cultural pedagogy, diverse learning models, and inclusive curriculum development of “At Risk” Learner Populations.  Monique James holds a BA in Women Studies from York University, attended the State University of New York studying Communications, a B Ed. In Education from Acadia University, holds an Honors Specialist in Special Education and a Honours Specialist in Experiential Learning.


She considers herself a life-long learner and attributes her successes to strong family core beliefs and values, community collaboration, and building authentic relationships with her students.