"Happy Am I" - 3 G's Challenge

How Happy are You? 

Would you like to be happier? 

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being 

really happy, how happy are you right now? 

How happy were you last week?

How about last Month? Or last Year? 

Take the ”Happy Am I” - 3 G Challenge:

Now, for one week, do these 3 activities every day. 

At the end of the week, rate your happiness again. 

Here are the 3 Activities

Grow – decide what area in your life that you 

want to grow in. Learn a new skill. Seek out and Learn 

some useful knowledge. Practice building 

a relationship by learning a listening and 

communication skill. Dedicate 10 minutes 

or more a day to growing yourself. 

Give – find a worthy cause to support or a charity and give 

of your talents, time and money or resources. 

Whatever you have to give, just give.

Be intentional about it. Give sincere appreciation 

to someone at work, or to a friend, or to a family member.

Give something every day. 

Gratitude – Be grateful every day for the little 

things and the big things. Each day 

writing down 3 things you are grateful for. 

The next day add 3 additional NEW things to the list. 

In one week you will have 21 things to be grateful for.

The next thing to do each day is to express that

gratitude to someone else in writing. Send a text to someone

Letting them know how grateful you are they are in your life or 

you could leave a handwritten note for someone, 

telling them how grateful you are for how they 

have helped you. 

Now, at the end of each day, reflect on the 3 

G’s. How did you feel when you learned 

something new and you could sense yourself 

growing? How did it feel to give, and to 

express gratitude? 

Are you in? Are you going to take me up on 

the challenge? What if everybody did this 

challenge? Would the world be a better 

place? Go ahead! Set the example! The 

world needs you! 

“The only reason people fail is broken focus”

Keep us posted on your results. 


Join us for our 1st Annual “Happy am I” event on Sunday March 26, 2017

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